New Notion that we love at Sew Pro– Clover’s Fabric folding pen

This unique pen makes fabric folding easier than ever. Everywhere you draw a line, the fabric becomes pliable and easy to crease with your fingertips.

Clover is one of Sew Pro’s favorite notions manufactureres.  They make a quality product that saves sewists and quilters time and makes sewing and quilting more enjoyable.

  • Makes folding fabric for origami, quilting, sewing, and crafting easier
  • No pressing with an iron needed
  • How to use:
    • Mix a few drops of the folding solution with water in the pen
    • Draw a line on the fabric
    • Fold the fabric on line
  • Includes:
    • Fabric folding pen
    • One 8ml (.27 fluid ounces) bottle
  • Note: not suitable for impermeable fabrics, such as polyester, and for spot sensitive fabrics
  • Mfg: Clover