The Fabric Organizer


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Large Fabric Organizer is 10 x14 with a punch hole at the top if you like to hang your yardage on a wire rack or other hanging storage device. The 10 x 14 size can hold up to 10 yards of fabric. It easily stands in most storage tubs or it will fit in an average bookcase or hung on wire storage racks. By storing this way you prevent creasing.  Organize your stash, strips, and manage your stash and projects. Tuck the fabric or strips or ribbons behind the tabs and fold and store. Once the fabric is on the organizer you can cut your yardage easily as you have folded it ahead to about 22 inches wide to fit the organizer. The material is acid free and reusable.

Small size can be used for ribbons or fat quarters to store without creasing. Just tuck the fabric, ribbon, or project strips on the back and wrap and store. The small size is  5 x 14 and will fit most storage containers or bookshelves and can be hung on wire shelving with the punch out at the top for hanging. If your fabric and project pieces need organizers the Fabric Organizer is a dream product. It is acid free and reusable.

The photo shows the larger organizer – the only difference with the smaller is the width and 4 tabs in back. The large has six tabs. The smaller organizer is great for fat quarters and strips for a project.