Professional Quality Quilting & Sewing Machine Created for quilters, backed with industrial technology.

Enjoy a new level of performance with JUKI’s newest quilting & sewing machine. That’s the DX-2000QVP.

Innovative functions are realized through the fusion of Industrial and Home Sewing Technology. Experience the machine and stitch quality that only the largest Industrial Sewing Machine Company in the world can offer.
Release yourself from the stress of working towards perfection and enjoy the new Smart Sewing Operation System with customizable operations to fit your sewing needs.

Enhance your quilt-making experience with an exciting variety of stitch patterns and specialty quilt accessories available only for the DX-2000QVP.

Pricing is available by phone.

For more information visit JUKI’s website at www.jukihome.com

Box Feed – JUKI Industrial Sewing Machine Technology

The box feed technology moves your fabric to allow you to create perfect high-quality stitches on all types of fabrics. The box feed system stays in contact with your fabrics longer for a consistent, reliable seam every time. Piece perfectly without worries of shifting or sliding fabrics.

Straight Stitch Slide Plate

Simply slide the front lever to switch to a single needle hole. Sew the lightest fabrics with perfect needle permeation. The single needle plate will not allow fabrics to be pushed into the needle hole. Free motion stitch with precision and perfection. Sew with confidence, when the single needle hole plate is set, only the straight stitch patterns can be selected.

Float Function Prevents uneven Seams

By pressing the float button, you can sew with the presser foot slightly raised. By raising the presser foot to float you can sew fabrics without pushing layers or creating uneven seams. This is effective when quilting and sewing appliques. The height of the presser foot can be set from 0 to 2.5mm in increments of 0.1 mm.

Large sewing space

Enjoy extra space and comfort by adding the accessory table while quilting.

Speedy Straight Sewing

With a maximum straight sewing speed of 1,050 stitches/min, you can sew fast.

Automatic Presser Foot Lifting After Thread Trimming / Presser Foot Pivot Function

Because the presser foot is automatically lifted after automatic thread trimming, you can quickly remove fabrics.

And when you stop sewing, the needle stops in the down position and presser foot automatically lifts to allow for fabric movement. Sew corners or pivot with ease, when you resume sewing the presser foot automatically and quickly lowers for continuous smooth sewing.

Convenient Sewing Functions

Piece your quilts with ease using direct stitch selection No.3. Simply align the fabric edges with the edge of the foot, and sew perfect 1/4″ seams.

When free motion (quilt pattern No.01 or 02) is selected, the machine will automatically be set to float mode. While sewing, you can adjust the amount of float with the stitch length dial and smoothly move the quilt.

Customizing the Machine for Preferred Operation

In addition to the Easy-to-use Quick Select Buttons, customize your operating preferences by combining both the heel switch of the foot controller (Foot Switch) and the Knee-lifting Lever functions.

You can adjust the starting and reverse stitch speed between three steps of fast, normal, and slow.

A Variety of Stitch Patterns

The machine includes 287 stitch patterns and 4 alphabetic/numeric fonts. The decorative patterns can be sewn as one point patterns. Up to 10 often-used patterns such as initials can be saved in the memory.

Decorative stitch patterns include stitches inspired by the tradition of crazy quilting. The DX-2000QVP also contains Exclusive Juki quilt stitches know as Random Stitches.

Enjoy even more designs by combining patterns. combine, create and stitch designs such as a beautiful lace braid.

Beautiful Corner Sewing of Applique

The stitch width of the needle can be set to automatically and gradually change to achieve a stitch that gives a beautiful finish even to the corner of an applique or the start /end of a line of sewing. By adjusting the width and length, you can also control the angles of your design.

Accessories to Enhance Your Quilting Experience

Walking Foot
Patchwork Presser Foot
Open Toe Presser Foot
Quilt Presser Foot
Edge Sewing Presser Foot
Thread Stand


Standard presser foot
Zipper presser foot
Overcasting presser foot
Blind stitch presser foot
Buttonhole presser foot
Manual buttonhole presser foot
Walking foot
Open toe presser foot
Patchwork presser foot
Quilt presser foot
Edge sewing presser foot
Smooth presser foot
Bobbin (4)
Needle set HA X 1 #11(1):#14(1):#16(1):for knit #11(1)
Twin needle
Quilt guide
Auxiliary spool pin
T-shape screwdriver
Cleaning brush
Spool cap (Large, Middle, Small)
Eyelet punch
Thread stand
Wide table
Foot controller
Knee-lifting lever
Power cord
Hard case
Instruction manual
Operation support DVD


Sewing Speed: 1,050 sti/min
Dimensions (mm): 445(W)x291(H)x210(D)
Dimensions with hard case (mm): 510(W)x305(H)x257(D)
Weight (machine): 10.3kg(21.6lbs)
Arm Size: 8.0″x4.4″ (203x112mm)