American Honor by Blank Quilting

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American Honor is a terrific fabric for a patriotic quilt.  Thank your military heroes and work with a fabric that says it all with the words of Honesty, Freedom and USA in a dusty deep blue denim feel to the colors.  This was designed by Tana Mueller and it is a favorite in our shop for military donation quilts.  We have easy 3 YD quilt patterns that I will be posting (and a photo of the quilt we are constructing) to show you how easily you can design a quilt and sew it, quilt it, bind it and give it to those who honor America with their service.

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Important! The minimal length to order is 0.25 yards. You can place an order for any length that is equal to 0.25 (for example 1.25, 2, 3.5 etc). To order a fat quarter (18″ by 22″) enter 0.25, to order a yard cut enter 1, 1/2 yard cut enter 0.5.