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Square it Up Rulers– great tool for t shirt quilts!

Easy Snap Wallet



Another Quick Project for a Baby Gift


How to Sew a Quilt Sleeve

Easy Pillowcase to practice your serging skills

A Five Minute Pillowcase How To and A Riley Blake Fabric Giveaway!

The Stonehenge 10 Year Anniversary Fabric is Here!






January Blues– At least the weather is warm and the roads dry

January 21, 2018

Do you have the January blues?  You are sitting in your favorite chair or sofa and you see shots of Bermuda and folks frolicking in the sun or warm sea?

Here at Sew Pro we called to have an order released of Spring Breeze fabric to get us all in the warm themed fabric mood.

Once it is in we will sew up the Breezy table runner and get a class going.

Saturday lots of folks popped in as the weather was warm, so let’s hope for more warm days to come.

Terry Atkinson is one of my go to pattern designers and she has some great tips on zippers and curved bindings.  Esther had a great zip bag class, and all of us have lots of tips and tricks at Sew Pro.  If you are stuck at home, I am myself today with a bout of laryngitis that doesn’t want to leave there is a few quick video’d tricks that Terry Atkinson shares on her site.

New Notion that we love at Sew Pro– Clover’s Fabric folding pen

This unique pen makes fabric folding easier than ever. Everywhere you draw a line, the fabric becomes pliable and easy to crease with your fingertips.

Clover is one of Sew Pro’s favorite notions manufactureres.  They make a quality product that saves sewists and quilters time and makes sewing and quilting more enjoyable.

  • Makes folding fabric for origami, quilting, sewing, and crafting easier
  • No pressing with an iron needed
  • How to use:
    • Mix a few drops of the folding solution with water in the pen
    • Draw a line on the fabric
    • Fold the fabric on line
  • Includes:
    • Fabric folding pen
    • One 8ml (.27 fluid ounces) bottle
  • Note: not suitable for impermeable fabrics, such as polyester, and for spot sensitive fabrics
  • Mfg: Clover

It’s the Holiday Season


Are you ready for the Holidays?  Most of us are not.  Keep it simple this year and sew a gift.  Most of us appreciate the time and effort that a homemade gift requires.  The gift will be treasured for years to come.

Is your holiday outfit in need of repair?   Check out how you can fix that small hole with one of my favorite products,  Stitch Witchery by Dritz is an amazing notion that can work to fix that hole.

Are you running out the door and your hem has fallen down?  Stitch Witchery to the rescue.

Yes we all sew and quilt at Sew Pro but sometimes we don’t have the time either to sew a repair and this product and many other wonderful notions are available to repair a clothing item, hold a seam in place until it is sewn

A great ruler to sew a quick tree skirt or round table mat!

Another Free Fall Table Runner Pattern from our friends at JUKI

Highlight and right click the link above and it should get you there or stop by and we will give you a printed copy and show you the beautiful metallic leaf fabric that would work with this pattern.

Fall is in the air, and the JUKI’s are ready for a challenge

Which Juki will win the speed challenge?

Almost October, and sewing is in the air!

September is in full swing and almost over, October is around the corner, are you ready to get into the swing of sewing?  Even if you don’t have children in school September is a turning of the page month.  We all push forward in the end of lazy hot summer days and look toward the holiday sewing, cooking and baking projects.

Last Sunday with the ocean waters and lake waters on Cape Cod still sweetly warm I took my youngest to Old Silver Beach.  Beach weather in September and October is such a gift;  I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to enjoy the warm sun on my face and the free beach parking!  But soon the waters will cool and swimming won’t be so much fun.    Sewing with warm soft cotton will be beckoning, the sewing machine will be humming with projects with holiday colors, and of course the beautiful Mysticlal Prism Block of the Month!

With fall weather around the corner it is time to get serious about getting those sewing projects started, or unfinished ones completed.

Many of us like to machine quilt on the QVP mini or the 2010 JUKI but have you ever thought of this?

Sewing Machine Drawing with
Mingi Jung at
IQF Houston!
Are you attending IQF Houston? Pass by the JUKI booth and watch Mingi Jung create a portrait live! Mingi Jung is a Korean artist that specializes in creating portraits using the JUKI TL-2010Q straight stitch sewing machine.
Artist Statement
“I’m an artist in Suyu-dong, Seoul, Korea. I live right under a mountail called Samgak, and the green mountain and the shade of the trees has penetrated my mind, so I always mention it when I introduce myself. Visualizing scenes from daily life or moments that I experienced when I felt inspired. One scene that perhaps speaks for only an instant gets reproduction and expansion is the form or method by which that instant maintains its perpetuity.”
Learn More

Do you need inspiration for a quick holiday Star Block?

Go to the webpage below, you can right click and copy and paste:


Split Nine Patch is another cute block

Click or copy and paste the link below:

1/11/17 Does Your Sewing Machine or Longarm Have a Tension Headache? Having proper tension on your sewing machine is important. Your stitching will be even and look the same on both sides with proper tension.

Is one end of your machine winning the tug of war?  The tension of the upper and lower threads should be the same and just strong enough to lock the stitch.

If the upper thread is lying on the top layer and pulling up the lower bobbin thread the tension is either too tight on the top or too loose on the bottom.   Lower the tension on the top (decrease the number on the dial, or remember lefty loosey for some machines (long arm).  If that does not work then adjust the bobbin.


If the lower thread lies on the underside of your project with the top thread pulled down with almost a knot like look then the upper tension is too loose.  Turn the dial to a higher tension first and if that does not work adjust the bobbin case.  To increase the tension remember righty-tighty.

Bobbin cases only need incremental -tiny changes, long arm top  tension gauges  can take a full quarter turn to change the tension.

Consider the thread you are using and the material you are asking the machine to sew through also.  Metallic thread requires a lower tension on the top and with some machines a thread stand.  We run metallic on JUKIS on -1 and have no breakage.

Sometimes the thread is too smooth– I love Glide but if it starts sliding out the tension discs too often I go back to my old stand by, Superior Thread.

When I am long arming and the fabric is tightly woven, a batik for example, I use a thinner thread if I am traveling at a higher speed.

When you think of the intricate dance between your batting, thread and fabric it is amazing what these machines are doing.  Batting can have an added pull on the thread.  Cotton batting hold the fabric well – almost too well and can add a strain the the top thread.  Blended battings can come to the rescue for those high speed quilters.

Don’t get too frustrated.  Sometimes a simple change of thread, a loosening of the quilt, a check for dust or a re-thread will have you on the way to happy sewing land.  A drop of oil in the correct area of the bobbin case/hook area while running the machine without thread or a bobbin and bobbin case and you might be amazed at what will pop out!   I have had little lint balls pop out and then I was back in happy sewing land.

Sometimes you have the top threaded correctly but the thread is not in the tension discs.  Lower you presser foot and tug the top thread– there should be tension.

A bobbin case does not need that much tension.  There is a drop test you can do for your bobbin, I never use it.  I sometimes use a TOWA gauge or I just keep the same weight thread in the case and only change the top thread if I am machine quilting on our JUKI QVP.

Some machines are picky– know your machine. I find the JUKIs very similar to the old style, vintage Singers I have at home.  I have some other picky machines at home that I would never put metallic in as I don’t want to curse any more than necessary when sewing.

So take your time.  Take your manual out on your domestic sewing machine and look at the thread path– are you threading every spot.  Did you “dental floss” the thread if your machine doesn’t hold the thread in the tension discs?  Is the bobbin in with the thread going counterclockwise in a top loading bobbin?  In a front loading or side loading machine when the bobbin goes in the case, the thread should go off the back of the bobbin before placing in the case and then it should go off to the left if you are facing the machine.  It is in there clockwise.

Make sure you wind a good bobbin.  Bobbin winders have tension adjuster screws.  If you bobbin is bottom heavy then increase the tension by turning the screw to the right.  If the bobbin is top heavy loosen the set screw.

There are vintage machines that could care less how great your bobbin is wound.  Today with all the beautiful decorative stitches and computer boards your bobbin is doing alot more work to make that perfect stitch.  Give it some TLC.

Use the correct bobbin for your machine.   Paper prewound bobbins can deflate like a pancake inside the bobbin case.  I never use them anymore.  I want our machines running in tip top shape whether they are vintage Rockateers or spanking new JUKIs.  If you have an incorrect bobbin it can move around inside the case, it can be too high and hit or too low and pop.  Bobbins are not expensive.  Come in or call and we will get you the correct bobbin.

If your machine has not been cleaned and serviced in the last year and you sew frequently you owe it to yourself and your machine to have it cleaned and serviced.

See you soon at Sew Pro.  Happy Sewing and Quilting!


Mary Ann




Storytellers Quilt Kit–2 Available


We have two Storyteller Quilt Kits available!!  These will sell quickly so call asap!  (508) 759-2222.  We will ship to any location in the USA.

This quilt is amazingly beautiful.  The Windham reproduction fabrics are lush and the quilt cotton is soft and silky.


Saturday January 7th Blizzard Coming


The seals in Buzzards Bay look cozy.  I hope everyone stays warm and dry inside today.  Sew Pro will be closed today. See you next week.

December 26th— A New Year is Almost Here are you ready?


Is this Under the Sea, Happy Village quilt amazing?  Jane Ashbrook is teaching this class on Martin Luther King’s holiday, January 16th.    We have other Happy Village samples in the shop.

I am never ready for a New Year, are you?  The older I get the faster time speeds by.  I have so many 2016 projects that need to be finished.

My New Years resolution is to make sure I have fun sewing and quilting.  So we will have some closed days this winter– some Sundays off to sew and cook!  I miss cooking.  I miss hiking with our kids and dogs.

So here’s to 2017. sunsetcape




My Hometown and the wonderful Christmas story of James Edgar


Welcome to USA Christmas Town,
Brockton, Massachusetts,

where the spirit of a community is inspired by theselfless actions of one man, almost 125 years ago.  We all want to believe that our efforts will have a lasting legacy – that we can indeed “change the world” – but very few of us will ever know for certain the impact our lives will have on the world around us.  Such is true of James Edgar, a humble but generous businessman who was in the business of caring.

Known for his kindness to the citizens of Brockton, MA by providing clothing for children less fortunate and medical care for those who fell ill, it wasn’t until one Christmas season that Mr. Edgar would do something so innocuous it would, in fact, change the world.  Who can say when the thought came to him to assume the personality of Santa Claus – he’d dressed in costume to bring cheer and joy before – but Santa was different.  Santa was miraculous! Able to circumnavigate the globe in a single night in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer, he captured the imagination of the world and all children wanted to believe in the jolly spirit who was able to dash up and down chimney’s bearing the treasures they so desired.

Imagine, or recall, what it must have been like to see Santa in person.  It’s magical even now, when we expect to see him every day on every corner and shopping mall from Thanksgiving to Christmas – but imagine not expecting that.  Imagine heading out to the department store with your parents to purchase fabric or a new pot or a pair of socks only to see a giant of a legend standing before you, smiling.  Someone you have only heard about or saw a rendering of in a book.  It is 1890, long before mass media, and life was shared through stories told around the hearth.USA Christmas Town

When James Edgar put on that Santa Suit he changed the world.  He changed Christmas for every child who had belief in their hearts.  He changed how we celebrate the season.  He created a tradition for each one of us who has ever made a trip to any major department store in any mall in America – he was the First Department Store Santa and any miracle that occurred on any street in any city first occurred at Edgar’s Department Store in Brockton, MA – USA Christmas Town.

125 years later and Brockton still stands, some of the original buildings and even some of the businesses.  Many have fallen as a result of a changing world.  Two world wars, a major depression, the growth of industry, and the decrease in US manufacturing have all taken their toll on a city that boasts many historical “firsts” – but Brocktonians are a people of champion and fight on, each day, in true spirit and strength.  It is for this reason that we have created a year round spirit of celebration in Brockton to share the inspiration of James Edgar with the world, once again

Almost Columbus Day

If I post this will the cleaning fairy come over and clean up our house and iron my clothes??

The best part of fall is sewing and not sweating at the same time.  Even with A/C today the thought of sitting under a queen size quilt and putting a binding on makes my hot flashes worse.  There was a photo of a famous quilter by a pool putting a binding on in the summer heat.  Really?  I guess I am too old for that — plus I don’t want my photo by the pool, in the pool in a bathing suit.  Dear God, can we please stop showing people that it is possible to sit and sweat and look good at the same time!!!

So here’s to fall on Cape Cod.  Our glorious Indian Summer is here today.  And no I do not quilt on a beach either! I love the outdoors but I have enough trouble sewing without sand, rocks, wind, seaweed…..


Take care and Happy Fall!

October 2016- So many projects


Our backpack strapping is in from France and it is perfect for this going to Grandma’s backpack.  The pattern is by Erica Plank of Unseenhands and like all her patterns it is adorable fun with embroidery and applique.  Sew Pro has many of her patterns in stock, we  have the  quilt retreat laundry bag, the going away to college laundry bag and many of her snowmen and winter embroidery patterns.


Erica Plank is an amazingly talented and hard working quilter and sewer who travels the country selling her patterns.  We hope everyone will take a look at her patterns.  We have her templates for Cathedral Windows and the pattern.  I hope we will be able to fit in a class on her method of sewing Cathedral Windows.

Southern Vintage is one of our  new Blocks of the Month.  Mike stopped by with the 12 foot ladder today  to make room for her and she is hanging in the classroom area.  I think she warms the area nicely.   southernvintage2 southernvintage1  There is a limited supply of this Block of the Month so please call early.


foldnstitchThe Fold N Stitch Wreath class will be held one more time on Columbus Day Monday, October 10th.  If you missed this class with Jane Ashbrook call as it is a great class.


chilinbowlNovember 6th will be our first Sunday Potluck Dinner and Sewing Sunday.  Sign up for an afternoon of Sunday sewing with a potluck dinner served provided by Sew Pro, customers can bring their favorite side dishes, all for a nominal $15.00 from 12-5 p.m.


Ladies Night OutLadies Night Out is on October 11th.  Sew Pro will provide soft drinks, water, ice tea, pizza and something sweet for dessert.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October and we will be sewing Patient Pillows with the soft velcro for cancer patients to place under the seat belt during recovery and after surgery.  The small pillow can be velcro’d in place to  keep the seat belt away from incisions or sore areas.  We will be sewing these on Wednesdays.  It takes very little time to sew and can make a huge difference in someone’s recovery.  Call to sign up or come by for the directions and then drop off your pillows.  We will deliver them to area hospitals and to the relatives of patients we know are receiving treatment.  It is such an easy thing to sew and you will feel better knowing you have done something.


And last but not least we will be having our first columbusdaysale

Save the dates from October 7th through the 10th  as every day we will have different items on sale and we will have a raffle drawing on the last day of the sale.  So shop early for the best selection.


Thank you for your loyalty to Sew Pro.  We would not exist without our loyal customers.  I am amazed at the breadth of talented sewist and quilters in our area.  It is fun to share the knowledge and the joy of sewing.  I am also thankful that Mike has the patience to work diligently repairing and servicing sewing machines.  Without a repairman we would not be able to sew or quilt.

Take care and enjoy our Indian Summer on Cape Cod.



Fall is Around the Corner


Fall is around the corner on Cape Cod.  I always feel sad when I see the summer slip away.  Fall is beautiful but the water is cold, the air is crisp, not soft.  Soon our feet will be cold and our noses red.  So for now lets enjoy the warm summer days.

The third photo is Jane Ashbrook’s Accidental Landscape Quilt.  The class will be on October 21st, from 12-5pm.  This is a great beginner introduction to simple art quilting.

My children are back in school and hopefully are having a good day.  The day will go by in a blink of an eye and then it is “who’s on first” for picking them up!

I hope we will see more kids this fall sewing again.   It is a hobby and a craft that can bring so much pleasure and joy.  As an after school activity Sew Pro competes with so many other activities that promise so much. How about a promise of a lifetime of pleasure in an artistic venture that has stood the test of time.  Yes, we use math and hand to eye coordination, and reading etc  Our  goal is fun.  Sewers and quilters sew forever and have beautiful garments, quilts and bags that are treasured.   My sewing teacher last winter is 94 years old and still sewing and quilting, and still excited about it.  One of my sample sewers is 88 years old and can sew faster and more accurately than most individuals half her age.

For those sewers who are working long hours or busy with your family– take a break and join us at a class or a Sit and Sew session.  It is a great stress reliever to sew and to sew with others.  It is easy for women to put themselves last which has been proven to be bad for our health.  So do something fun this fall and join us in a creative journey of sewing and quilting.

Sew Pro has so much new fabric and new products and there are not enough hours in the day to post them all on our website:   Glow in the Dark Halloween is here, fall colored jelly rolls, new batiks, Christmas.  I still want to savor the last of summer, and if you do too we have plenty of summer on display.

We have added alot of classes and I am working on a few new projects for classes as well.  I am working on a curved piecing table runner using a new ruler that I am in love with as I am not pinning!  Yippee to no pins.  I  know some folks love to pin or aren’t bothered by pins.   Jane Ashbrook has a lot of new projects she will be working on this fall too.  Laura Hardon will be leaving soon for Arizona in mid September.  We will miss her.  Her classes were fun and she is a wonderful teacher.  She hopes to be able to be on Cape next summer longer– at least into October.  So if you didn’t sew the mesh beach bag your last chance is September 7th.

I hope to see you soon at Sew Pro.  We are always working hard for our customers to be the place you want to visit.  I know we can’t please everyone but we can sure try to spread the joy of sewing and quilting.





SewPro Kits for Row by Row 2016

Row by Row

SewPro Row by Row Kits

Calling all rowers!

We have two rows to choose from this year and they are both pretty pretty good! Sew Pro’s staff worked together for months to make these our best rows yet. Don’t miss out. We do have a reserve book for those who are out of state, you can purchase the kits on November 1.

Our title is “Home is where the beach is” – as we all call Cape Cod our home even as we struggle to get home on the weekends and holidays!

Learn more about Row by Row and the 2016 calendar.

April 13 2016 Spring is around the corner –we hope! Sunny but cold!

turtlefabricThis fabric is so much fun.  More of this is on its way to us!
We have fish swimming here, turtles…..

If you are having trouble finding us I hope these extra directions help!

Sew Pro is in Heritage Park facing Cotuit Road

Sew Pro is in Heritage Park facing Cotuit Road.  Our mailbox is on the Route 130 side of the plaza so legally that is our mailing address.  If you are looking for us we are in the plaza section facing Cotuit Road , Heritage Floor Covering is at the end, then Sandwich Fireplace, then the Pool Care Professionals, SEW PRO and the Qwik Pack and Ship and the Cat Hospital.  You can turn at the Cape Cod Eye Surgical sign if you are on that end of Cotuit Road and pull in the plaza at the Heritage Floor Covering.  If you are on the other end of Cotuit Road the first building in the plaza is the Cat Hospital.  On Route 130 you can come in from the back and head to the front of the plaza (in the back there is Tomatoes Restaurant, Karate, Weebles Daycare, take the driveway that heads toward Cotuit.  I hope this helps.  You can also use Google map and put in Sew Pro Cape Cod and there is a live traffic feed with the exact location of the building and the entrances and exits.

April 9, 2016 Riley Blake 60 Day Countdown to Spring Market

Sew Pro was chosen as a participating shop in the 60 Day Countdown to Spring Market so we had to pick a drop location for the prize.  The boardwalk is such an iconic symbol of the beauty of Sandwich and Cape Cod so we deemed it the perfect spot for this fun prize hunt.

Riley Blake Designs prize box hanging out on the boardwalk in Town Neck, Sandwich.  It was very cold and blustery but even on a cloudy day it is a beautiful place.  The box was lonely for awhile.  I talked to joggers, walkers, tourists checking out the view, the osprey nest and reading the names on the boardwalk.

The wind and the cold did not deter Holly Dubois as she drove twice to Sandwich to see if she could spy the prize box.  In the morning there was no news so she headed back to Marshfield.  On a hunch she decided to make a return trip and check social media to see if there was an afternoon drop.  Low and behold the drop was in the afternoon and she had spent many fun times with a good friend at the Town Neck Boardwalk beach so she knew the location.   Congratulations Holly!

It was so cold but so heartwarming and such a beautiful spot.  I think I will make a point of stopping more often.

Even the swans love the boardwalk.

May 10th 2016 New Blocks of the Month at Sew Pro– from River Rock to Beginner Friendship Stars

River Rock Block of the Month Sign up has started

 Friendship Star Block of the Month Pickup and Sign-Up will start in June

 Southern Vintage will start in June

River Rock:  Sarah Maxwell of Designs by Sarah J creates a sophisticated palette of 32 earth-toned batiks that allows quilters to create subtle shades and textures. Her base of neutrals is beautifully highlighted with plums, teals and blues for a blended look.  It is a 9 month block of the month, The finished quilt measures 77.5 x 85.

Each month, for nine months, you’ll receive Sarah Maxwell’s piecing directions, and fabrics from Marcus Fabrics’ Primo Batiks River Rock line for a section of the quilt. We’ll charge your credit card each month and require a deposit for the last month.

The cost per month is $29.95. If we ship the block and pattern it is an additional $7.00. There will be a seminar in mid April on the River Rock pattern with tips on how to piece and sew the beautiful blocks by Louise Toler. Louise sewed the sample and has many useful sewing and quilting tips.  

Friendship Star Block of the Month
Sign Up Fee for this Block Series Using Thangles is only $15.00 which includes the Thangles, the pattern and the first two blocks. Each month thereafter you are charged  $4.00 for the fabric for the next two blocks.  You can pick up your fabric for this block anytime during the month but you must pick it up once a month.  If you fail to pick it up after two months you forfeit your membership in this block of the month club.   If you have never used Thangle before it is fun, easy and accurate.  At the end of the six months we will have a Viewer Choice contest where photos of the quilts will be posted on our bulletin board and customers will vote on which is their favorite quilt.  The quilt with the most votes wins a store prize. 
Southern Vintage
This amazing Reproduction quilt pattern  will start  in June.   The sign up fee for this beautiful quilt is $26.95 and there will be a fee for the two blocks that are completed each month.  Preregistration is required so call early.      We can kit the entire quilt for those who want to dive right in and get this beauty completed.  The pattern was written by Toby Lischko and it is very well written.  


We Have Added New Fabrics

Keep cool this summer with ISLAND BATIK and Batik by Mirah.  Planning a fall quilt?  We have fall batiks in and fall patterns arriving daily.

Sew Pro has added Penny Rose as a reproduction fabric line.  It is on order in beautiful shades of Indigo and Cheddar, soft pinks, Toile in Red with swans (think of the kettle ponds of Cape Cod)…..the Toile is in…

We have added new lines of fabric: Northcott which feels like silk, gorgeous Island Batik, Clothworks American Made Brand and Clothworks Organics.

A Great First Month

Customers in Sew Pro of Cape CodOur sewing store has completed its first month we are already enjoying our new location.  We hope to all learn together and most of all have fun!   Check the Event Calendar on our Top Page for classes scheduled  Thank you so much for your business and for sharing parts of your sewing lives with us. I hope we all continue to enjoy sewing and quilting in beautiful Sandwich, MA.

Block of the Month, The Storytellers, Fabric by Windham starts September 2015

Only a few spots left in the Block of the Month by Nancy Gere of Windham Fabrics. This amazing medallion quilt designed by Nancy Gere of Windham Fabrics with the pattern designed by Denise Lipscomb is a stunning combination of color and grace.  It is on sale this month.  I am thrilled to be a part of the Storytellers as it combines beauty, grace and my favorite women authors.  Call the store with questions at 508-759-2222

Row by Row: June 21 – Sept. 8th, 2015

Row by Row Participating Poster

Our Row by Row License Plates

Our Row By Row license plateOur Row By Row license plate, calling all Quahog chowda devotees, stuffed Quahogs, clamming for Quahogs, all about the beloved Cape Cod clam.
Our Row By Row license plate Needlefish is a North Atlantic fish and with the spacing did you get the play on words… my daughter loves fishing hence the fishing reference and of course the Row by Row theme this year is water, Cape Cod is all about water, visit us soon at Heritage Park in the oldest town on Cape Cod, Sandwich, MA. Have a clam or 2, steamed, fried, stuffed, any way you like it.

Sew Pro hours

Sew Pro is open Monday thru Thursday 9-6, Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-4pm, Sunday 9-3 pm.

We are closed some Tuesdays in March please check our home page

Sew Pro and the wonderful Row by Row customers, hours

I want to thank all the Row by Row customers who came in the rain yesterday to our shop, Sunday June 21st.  I met some wonderful families this weekend.  And to Barbara who said my shop has the wrong hours posted on Facebook– I do not have hours posted on Facebook, I open early on Sunday so sewers and quilters do not get stuck on the Mid-Cape.   The shop in Barnstable opens later and stays open later.  Maybe you confused the two shops.  My entire family and the staff appreciates every customer.

Sew Pro is in Heritage Park facing Cotuit Road

Sew Pro is in Heritage Park facing Cotuit Road.  Our mailbox is on the Route 130 side of the plaza so legally that is our mailing address.  If you are looking for us we are in the plaza section facing Cotuit Road , Heritage Floor Covering is at the end, then Sandwich Fireplace, then the Pool Care Professionals, SEW PRO and the Qwik Pack and Ship and the Cat Hospital.  You can turn at the Cape Cod Eye Surgical sign if you are on that end of Cotuit Road and pull in the plaza at the Heritage Floor Covering.  If you are on the other end of Cotuit Road the first building in the plaza is the Cat Hospital.  On Route 130 you can come in from the back and head to the front of the plaza (in the back there is Tomatoes Restaurant, Karate, Weebles Daycare, take the driveway that heads toward Cotuit.  I hope this helps.  You can also use Google map and put in Sew Pro Cape Cod and there is a live traffic feed with the exact location of the building and the entrances and exits.

Sew Pro will be open on Wednesday June 10th

Sew Pro will officially open on June 10th.  We are planning our grand opening for the third week in June.  Stay tuned for the date.  I want to thank all our customers for their patience and support.  Without you we would  not have a retail location.  We are still moving more product and supplies into the store every day.  Alot of new fabric still on order.

Row by Row is this month!

Row by Row 2015Row by Row is this month and yes this is the Row which will get more bedazzled with a little help from father time… There is never enough time so I will take suggestions– should the fishy girl have a bikini, a hat, a necklace. What about the rather serious male fish?

We’re going to the Fish Shack, Yummm. The fishy girl in the front has decked out her bike with flowers. The hombre in back is trying to keep up. Fishy girl would look cute in a bikini or at least an Island Batik scarf, The rather serious male might like a pair of designer swim trunks. Come to the Row by Row starting June 21st at Sew Pro’s spanking new shop at Exit 2 and bedazzle your fish, add buttons for the tire centers, embeillish embellish, embellish. I did embellish with some Angelina fiber which might be hard to see. The Steam a Seam 2 is well worth using at least on the bikes. Had to stop working at 1 am.

Sew Pro is now a Juki Sewing Machine dealer

I forgot to add that Sew Pro is now a Juki Sewing Machine dealer.

Check out the amazing MO-1000  with the air supported threading.  I test drove the  MO- 000 Serger, the Juki 2010Q sewing machine and the Exceed series with the box feed dog system.  All beautiful functional machines that help to make sewing a pleasure.

Plus I met the Juki educator Karen Pharr.  She is an amazing person, a talented award winning quilter, teacher and a charming person to boot.  As a Juki dealer we have access to a wonderful team of talent working for them and Sew Pro is very lucky to have been added to the Juki dealerships in the USA.

I test drove the Juki TL-220QVP and was impressed by the quilting performance and the quality of the workmanship. We are your Cape Cod Juki dealer.

An exciting month for Sew Pro

May 19, 2015

juki-mo-1000-air-thread-sergerAn exciting month for Sew Pro. We signed our lease and are gearing up for our retail shop opening. How exciting is that? In a zillion years I didn’t think we would get there. We looked for locations, worked our usual 7 days a week, replaced the truck with 375,000 miles on it, took care of our wonderful children who seemed to get sick way too much this year, the dogs, the bird, the fish, but not the poor lawn and somehow thought why not Sandwich, MA? The oldest town on Cape Cod. Where we bought our first home, convenient for our customers from the South Shore, New Bedford and Southcoast towns and even accessible for our Vineyard customers. Yes Sandwich is the perfect fit. Heritage Park is a wonderful gathering spot for the residents of the town and now it will be a gathering spot for our customers and sewing and quilting visitors to Cape Cod.

So now we are working literally day and night and stepping into the future. If only the lawn would stop growing and the dead shrubs could hide their branches in shame somewhere! Inside the rooms are filling up with beautiful fabrics, and gearing up for the big move.

So stay tuned. Fabric to die for, Juki sewing machines to test drive, tea, coffee and a place to stop by and say hi and drop off your best friend with a motor– your sewing machine. We look forward to seeing all our customers and meeting and greeting new customers and since it is summer on Ol’ Cape Cod, the vacation paradise we can’t wait to meet folks from all over the USA and Canada during the Row By Row Experience.

Thank you to all our friends, customers, and soon to be new friends!

Mary Ann and Mike Fischer