Long Arm Services

Long Arm Machine Quilting on the Juki QVP TL2200

All the quilting done at Sew Pro is free motion quilting with hand guided design. Mary Ann does not use a computer aided design. She enjoys the process of adding texture to a quilt and using different design motifs to move the eye around the quilt and complement the piecing. She generally does not use a pantograph, but uses designs in a freeform quilting fashion with changes in the design to complement the blocks.

Long Arm Quilting fees are calculated by the square inch:

To calculate the square inches of your quilt, multiply the length times the width of your completed quilt top. To determine the fee for a specific service, multiple the total square inches of your quilt top times the “per square inch” price. There is a minimum $45 fee for all quilting services.

Edge-to-Edge – All edge-to-edge quilting including meandering, pantograph, or all-over free-hand quilting designs – $.03-.035/sq. in.

Custom Quilting – Elaborate custom quilting is priced on a case by case basis.

Fees include machine set-up and solid thread color.

All fees are subject to change without notice.

I reserve the right to refuse any quilt.

Additional Services

Bobbins: $1.49 per bobbin
Thread change (more than one color on a quilt): $5-14
Turning fee (turning and remounting quilt top): $15
Pressing back and/or top: $10
Piecing back: $15
Thread change: $5
Trimming/squaring finished quilt: $10
Rush fee: $50

Fees for preparing binding, sewing and hand sewing the binding to the back can be provided.

A service fee of $20/hour will be assessed for any incomplete preparation.

Quilters Dream batting and other batting is available for purchase in our store. We also carry wide-back fabric which is recommended when you have a larger quilt.

Preparing your quilt top for quilting

Some of the guidelines are as follows, but please call with questions.
To ensure that you get the best results possible, please follow these important guidelines.

1. The quilt top and back should be squared and pressed flat. If there is more than 1½” difference between the center and edge measurements, there is a chance there will be a pleat in your quilt after quilting. Be aware that fullness and puckers that have been pieced in cannot be quilted out We will, of course, ease them in as well as we can. “Waffling” in the borders does not quilt well.

2. Squared quilt back and batting must be at least 8 inches longer and wider than squared quilt top.

3. All loose threads should be trimmed.

4. All seams should be checked for any gaps or loose stitching and the necessary repairs made prior to dropping off the quilt.

5. Please do not pin or baste any of the layers together.

6. All selvages should be removed before piecing backs.

7. The top of the quilt and backing should be marked accordingly if it matters to you which end goes up.


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