January Blues– At least the weather is warm and the roads dry

January 21, 2018

Do you have the January blues?  You are sitting in your favorite chair or sofa and you see shots of Bermuda and folks frolicking in the sun or warm sea?

Here at Sew Pro we called to have an order released of Spring Breeze fabric to get us all in the warm themed fabric mood.

Once it is in we will sew up the Breezy table runner and get a class going.

Saturday lots of folks popped in as the weather was warm, so let’s hope for more warm days to come.

Terry Atkinson is one of my go to pattern designers and she has some great tips on zippers and curved bindings.  Esther had a great zip bag class, and all of us have lots of tips and tricks at Sew Pro.  If you are stuck at home, I am myself today with a bout of laryngitis that doesn’t want to leave there is a few quick video’d tricks that Terry Atkinson shares on her site. https://youtu.be/RDLmJX5aWUg