Sewing & Quilting Classes

Quilting once the privilege of the wealthy started in ancient Egypt. Over the centuries, the art of quilting has spread throughout the world, arriving in America in the 1700s. Since then, quilting has steadily grown in popularity. Today, there are over 21 million quilters in America and every year people of all ages are signing up for quilting classes to learn the skills they need to create quilts they can be proud of.

SewPro, “Your One Stop Quilt Shop on Cape Cod” offers reasonably priced sewing and quilting lesson classes for children and adults. We have classes for all skill levels from beginner through advanced. Please click on the appropriate section below to see our current and upcoming class offerings for both Children and Adults. Then call us today at 508-759-2222 to register yourself in the class with the quilting lessons that is just right for you.

SewPro of Cape Cod is concerned for your and our safety during the Corona Virus Pandemic. For that reason, we have suspended all classes until the Government says it is safe to resume. Stay Safe Everyone!!

Adult Classes

We are constantly expanding our adult sewing and quilting lessons at Sew Pro.   We have offered Sit and Sew group sessions for students to come in and complete projects from prior classes.  We continue to have classes for the ever popular  Seat Belt  Bag, fabric collage, paint stiick  design on fabrics, and other unique quilt classes and technique classes.   If you are a beginner and never sewn by machine before we will set up a private lesson to learn how to operate your sewing machine or one of our sewing machines.  Need a refresher course or want to try a new project?  Call us and we will see if we can help you with that!

We also offer private adult classes by the hour.   For many busy sewists and quilters a private lesson is a great option.

Classes must be prepaid and are not refundable unless Sew Pro is notified one week in advance.   Sew Pro has a wait list of individuals who have limited times for lessons so if you can not come to your lesson when we are notified in advance we can call and offer it to our other sewists and quilters.

This policy extends to all classes: private or group lessons.  Please call ahead with any questions on our class policies.View Calendar

Children’s Classes

We offer a wide variety of different lessons in our sewing classes for children.  Our young students have sewn and quilted quilts, sewn bags, plushies, home dec items.  Currently we have classes on Saturday for children and teenagers from 10 – 12 pm.

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Please note: All Classes, and Sit N’ Sew, private lessons and events  must be prepaid in full upon registration.  Class fees are not refundable unless we are notified a week in advance.  We have a wait list for some class times and if a student cancels at the last minute we can not fill that time.
Private Classes are available. Please inquire to a date, amount, and time.


Things You Never Knew About Quilting:

1. Life is busy and demanding today and sewing and quilting can be a way to leave the demands of life and technical devices behind and do something with your hands.

2. Quilting improves your hand-eye coordination will improve your mind and your over-all sense of wellbeing by making you feel more in tune with your body.

3. Researchers at the University of Glasgow found that quilting boosted cognitive, creative and emotional wellbeing. When you practice a task using our hands and eyes you have to focus both mentally and physically. Your mind concentrates on the project, not on your problems at home, work or school.

4. The best part of sewing or quilting is you have something to show for your time and effort. Much of our life’s work today, has no visible end product. When you complete a pair of shorts, a bag or a quilt you experience the pride of ownership that will boost your capacity to try another project that may require more mental and physical challenges. Even the colors chosen for quilts and sewing projects can uplift a person’s mood and increase confidence.

5. While you are acquiring new skills in sewing or quilting and using your creative, math and engineering parts of your brain, you are also socializing and making new friends. Sewing and quilting are social activities where individuals share tips and tricks for completing projects, and artistic advice.

6. By sewing and quilting you can express your creativity and enjoy the creative process.

7. By sewing and quilting for charity, you benefit your own self-image, and you can change the life of the recipient.

8. By sewing and quilting with quality quilt cotton you are connecting to a rich history of art, cloth, design and color. It is a tactile wonderland where art meets cloth. For centuries humankind has created wonderful artworks, quilts, garments with cloth. Fashion is art and quilts are art also.

9. By connecting with art we are connecting with critical parts of our humanity that are lost when we are in the technical world of phones and computers today.