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Almost October, and sewing is in the air!

Almost October, and sewing is in the air!

September is in full swing and almost over, October is around the corner, are you ready to get into the swing of sewing?  Even if you don’t have children in school September is a turning of the page month.  We all push forward in the end of lazy hot summer days and look toward the… Continue Reading

1/11/17 Does Your Sewing Machine or Longarm Have a Tension Headache? Having proper tension on your sewing machine is important. Your stitching will be even and look the same on both sides with proper tension.

Is one end of your machine winning the tug of war?  The tension of the upper and lower threads should be the same and just strong enough to lock the stitch. If the upper thread is lying on the top layer and pulling up the lower bobbin thread the tension is either too tight on… Continue Reading

Storytellers Quilt Kit–2 Available

We have two Storyteller Quilt Kits available!!  These will sell quickly so call asap!  (508) 759-2222.  We will ship to any location in the USA. This quilt is amazingly beautiful.  The Windham reproduction fabrics are lush and the quilt cotton is soft and silky.   Continue Reading

December 26th— A New Year is Almost Here are you ready?

Is this Under the Sea, Happy Village quilt amazing?  Jane Ashbrook is teaching this class on Martin Luther King’s holiday, January 16th.    We have other Happy Village samples in the shop. I am never ready for a New Year, are you?  The older I get the faster time speeds by.  I have so many… Continue Reading

My Hometown and the wonderful Christmas story of James Edgar

  Welcome to USA Christmas Town, Brockton, Massachusetts, where the spirit of a community is inspired by theselfless actions of one man, almost 125 years ago.  We all want to believe that our efforts will have a lasting legacy – that we can indeed “change the world” – but very few of us will ever… Continue Reading

Almost Columbus Day

If I post this will the cleaning fairy come over and clean up our house and iron my clothes?? The best part of fall is sewing and not sweating at the same time.  Even with A/C today the thought of sitting under a queen size quilt and putting a binding on makes my hot flashes… Continue Reading

All Blocks of the Month are a commitment to purchase and there are no refunds or cancellations unless the product is no longer available due to a manufacturer issue. All Blocks of the Month purchased as a full kit also are a commitment to purchase and there are no refunds or cancellations on products once the order is placed with Sew Pro. Please call with any questions before placing your order.