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Fall is Around the Corner

Fall is Around the Corner


Fall is around the corner on Cape Cod.  I always feel sad when I see the summer slip away.  Fall is beautiful but the water is cold, the air is crisp, not soft.  Soon our feet will be cold and our noses red.  So for now lets enjoy the warm summer days.

The third photo is Jane Ashbrook’s Accidental Landscape Quilt.  The class will be on October 21st, from 12-5pm.  This is a great beginner introduction to simple art quilting.

My children are back in school and hopefully are having a good day.  The day will go by in a blink of an eye and then it is “who’s on first” for picking them up!

I hope we will see more kids this fall sewing again.   It is a hobby and a craft that can bring so much pleasure and joy.  As an after school activity Sew Pro competes with so many other activities that promise so much. How about a promise of a lifetime of pleasure in an artistic venture that has stood the test of time.  Yes, we use math and hand to eye coordination, and reading etc  Our  goal is fun.  Sewers and quilters sew forever and have beautiful garments, quilts and bags that are treasured.   My sewing teacher last winter is 94 years old and still sewing and quilting, and still excited about it.  One of my sample sewers is 88 years old and can sew faster and more accurately than most individuals half her age.

For those sewers who are working long hours or busy with your family– take a break and join us at a class or a Sit and Sew session.  It is a great stress reliever to sew and to sew with others.  It is easy for women to put themselves last which has been proven to be bad for our health.  So do something fun this fall and join us in a creative journey of sewing and quilting.

Sew Pro has so much new fabric and new products and there are not enough hours in the day to post them all on our website:   Glow in the Dark Halloween is here, fall colored jelly rolls, new batiks, Christmas.  I still want to savor the last of summer, and if you do too we have plenty of summer on display.

We have added alot of classes and I am working on a few new projects for classes as well.  I am working on a curved piecing table runner using a new ruler that I am in love with as I am not pinning!  Yippee to no pins.  I  know some folks love to pin or aren’t bothered by pins.   Jane Ashbrook has a lot of new projects she will be working on this fall too.  Laura Hardon will be leaving soon for Arizona in mid September.  We will miss her.  Her classes were fun and she is a wonderful teacher.  She hopes to be able to be on Cape next summer longer– at least into October.  So if you didn’t sew the mesh beach bag your last chance is September 7th.

I hope to see you soon at Sew Pro.  We are always working hard for our customers to be the place you want to visit.  I know we can’t please everyone but we can sure try to spread the joy of sewing and quilting.





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